Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Right and Wrong

Brit Hume’s comments on January 3rd (Click here to see them) and the ensuing backlash provide the perfect opportunity for a discussion how the liberal approach to religion has completely blurred all sense of right and wrong in America. Liberal professors, pundits and politicians constantly make the claim that “all religions are the same,” or “no one belief is any more valid than another.” This claim is not only completely ridiculous but incredibly destructive and is discriminately enforced to discourage the free speech of the left’s opponents.

Religion is the basis for human morality while the Judeo-Christian ethic is essential to our founding and the American culture. Therefore, imposing a ban on the practical comparison of religion blurs not only what it means to be an American but also the purpose of human life. This moratorium on moral debate creates a “relative morality” where neither “right” nor “wrong” can be defined in almost any situation. This in turn disregards simple logic and makes it impossible to justify even simple decisions.

A great example of this can be seen in a common defense for the President’s failing policies. It is said that “he just needs more time,” the reason being “we just don’t know what will happen.” This is constantly coupled with the statement “he is in the same situation as Reagan, we just need to give him a chance.” The fact is we can easily “know” what will happen when a free economy is excessively taxed and regulated. It is also perfectly reasonable to make the judgment that Obama’s polices being the antithesis of Reagan’s; they will have the opposite effect. However, this defense of Obama is somewhat widely accepted by popular culture.

The argument can be made that “relative morality” is responsible for the President’s approval rating hovering at 50% for several months. A large group of Americans are simply refusing to accept that the President’s ideology is fundamentally flawed and destructive to a free economy/society. It seems when a society cannot make a moral judgment, it is also unable to make an economic one.

If all beliefs are equally valid isn’t Hume’s belief that they are not equally valid equally valid to any differing opinion? Not only is this way of thinking completely ridiculous but it seems to only be applied when a conservative is making a judgment. I could not help but notice that Hume got more crap from the left for comparing Christianity to Buddhism than terrorists receive for calling America the “great Satan.” With this in mind, the left obviously does not believe in “relative morality” as a way of life, but as a tool to silence their opposition.

Sam Hale

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who Really Needs to Get Well:

This morning I was saddened to hear that someone I look up to was sick and in the hospital. My sadness was amplified throughout the morning as I read a great deal of comments on message boards and twitter not only claiming that his sickness was justified by his actions, but also wishing death upon him. These comments come at the end of a year where Americans witnessed incredible leftist hatred against Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean, Mr. Limbaugh and several others; all while democrats controlled both houses of congress and the great “unifier” Barrack Obama was president.

Wishing that someone fails is completely different than wishing for their death. The notion that because Rush “hopes Obama fails” it is reasonable to hope for his death is immoral. It was disturbing to witness the Obama administration’s and the far left’s relentless attack on fox news and talk radio throughout this year. It is far more disturbing to realize the left not only wants the opposition quiet, but dead.

I for one do not waste time wishing for the death of entertainers. I imagine that if I did I still would not gloat about one’s illness either vocally or on the internet. I will not only be praying for Rush’s recovery, but for the members of the far-left that have completely lost their moral compass and any bit of class.

Sam Hale

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meeting January 12th

Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, January 12. 7:30 PM

Jim Rutledge
Candidate for United States Senate

MSOP Headquarters:
2411 Parallel Ln
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Join fellow Maryland conservatives for a night of discussion and a chance to meet Jim Rutledge, a conservative candidate that every Marylander will have the opportunity to vote for in 2010. Please RSVP by sending an email to marylandpatriots@gmail.com.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Leftist Suppression

Throughout my time in the public school system, I was constantly reminded of the Catholic Church’s responsibility for the dark ages. The most repeated example being their treatment of Galileo and his discoveries, which have since been proven indisputable. My liberal instructors would usually use this example to support their claim that religion was a suppressor of science and a controller of minds. However the ideology subscribed to by my teachers has been responsible for the exact same transgressions, and on subjects arguably more important than the Solar System or Terminal Velocity.

Climate Change:

The Climate-gate scandal has finally proven the extent of suppression used by global warming advocates. Email data reveals the most reputable proponents of climate change doctored data, destroyed documents and lied about findings to support their theory. All while intimidating, ridiculing and shunning their opponents. This theory is also the catalyst for a cap and trade bill that will cost our economy millions of jobs and our GDP a cumulative $9.4 trillion. Therefore, it is fair to say supporters of this theory are attempting to suppress more than just the scientific method.

Business Science:

Through the perversion and/or disregard of the theories of economics, the left has suppressed growth of knowledge in and understanding of business across the World. In a situation that is strikingly similar to the recession of the early 80's, the left has chosen to ignore the solutions proven by Ronald Reagan. Our leadership has instead chosen to pursue policies similar to Roosevelt’s in the 1930's and the more recently failed economy of Japan. The suppression of the lesson our nation learned just 25 years ago has already caused over 10% unemployment and could possibly lead to a second great depression.

Medical Science:

Easily accessible statistics clearly show that fewer people die of curable diseases in the United States than anywhere else in the World. The top five American hospitals conduct more clinical trials than all the hospitals in any other single developed country. However, the left only refers to our healthcare system as unfair and evil. Harry Reid went so far as to compare opponents of healthcare reform to opponents of abolition and women’s suffrage.

It is absurd to refer to a system where fewer people die as less fair than another. It is ridiculous to claim that a system that performs more trials to cure illnesses and improve care than any other is evil. The left’s healthcare agenda will not just give more control to the government. It will suppress the system that is the premier driver of medical advances and improvement of the human condition.

The Catholic Church has been embarrassed by history as Galileo’s claims were eventually found to be correct. In contrast, the left’s claims can already be proven incorrect by a brief study of history and/or facts. Anyone who analyzes the economic situation of the 1980's, the mortality rates for curable illnesses or the sources of the World’s CO2 can easily refute leftist claims. For that reason, and that their suppression affects the livelihoods and health of the entire human race, the left is far more evil than the Church they constantly condemn.

Sam Hale

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MSOP Meeting: Tuesday December, 1

Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, December 1. 7:30 PM

State Senator:
Andy Harris
Congressional Candidate from Maryland’s 1st District

Fisherman’s Inn
3116 Main Street
Grasonville, MD 21638
Kent Narrows

Join fellow Maryland conservatives for a night of discussion and a chance to meet Andy Harris, Maryland’s best chance to send to another conservative to Washington in 2010. Please RSVP by sending an email to marylandpatriots@gmail.com.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Twisted Media and Political Correctness

This week America’s leftist “mainstream media” defended a murderer. The left went out of its way to avoid calling Major Hassan a terrorist. They made excuses for his activities claiming he was harassed; he had PTSD; and he was having difficulty struggling with the morality of the war. All while a former president used a perverse, sexual euphemism to describe the tea party movement and a sexual video of an under-aged Carrie Prejean was cause for leftist celebration.

On November 9, Chris Matthews found common ground with Hassan. He claimed he had problems with the war as well. Matthews went on to defend our military’s ignorance of Hassan’s behavior claiming "it’s not illegal to call Al Qaeda.” This is especially offensive when one recalls Mathews’ support for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s’ focus on the "rise of right wing extremism" earlier this year. It seems a movement of protesters that insist on cleaning up after themselves is more worrisome to Mr. Matthews than one (radical Islam) that has killed thousands of our troops.

Even more disturbing is the report that Hassan’s colleagues felt afraid to punish or report his behavior due to fear of being politically incorrect. This is a country where Bill Clinton refers to conservative activists as "tea baggers" and Sarah Palin is relentlessly mocked and ridiculed in every conceivable way. A country where the media feels it necessary to expose a sexually explicit video of Carrie Prejean, when she was seventeen, due to the fact she now opposes same-sex marriage. However, at the same time, members of our military feel afraid to condemn an ideology they are at war with for fear of being offensive.

The President himself went out of his way to avoid insulting Major Hassan by calling him a terrorist. He even went as far to insinuate that the blame may fall on the military, saying, “Even within the extraordinary military that we have...There are going to be instances in which an individual cracks.” A stark contrast to Obama’s reaction to the April 15th protests when he promptly dismissed the participants as misinformed goons that were, "Waving tea bags around.” Which were strikingly similar to his comments during the town-hall protests in August when he urged his supporters to, "get in the face" of their political opponents and to stand up for his reforms.

Obviously, the President responded more forcefully to the protests due to the fact that he felt they were personal attacks on him and his policies. However, I would like to remind Obama that he is Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces. It would be perfectly appropriate for him to respond to the murder of 13 soldiers on American soil as something that is personally offensive.

Sam Hale

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