Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meeting January 12th

Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, January 12. 7:30 PM

Jim Rutledge
Candidate for United States Senate

MSOP Headquarters:
2411 Parallel Ln
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Join fellow Maryland conservatives for a night of discussion and a chance to meet Jim Rutledge, a conservative candidate that every Marylander will have the opportunity to vote for in 2010. Please RSVP by sending an email to marylandpatriots@gmail.com.


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  2. I wonder why the Maryland Society of Patriots isnt open to discussion about the candidates they are promoting? Why doesnt their supposed patriotism doesnt include the first amendment?

    A comment was posted disagreeing with the MSOPs support of mr. rutledge. the comment was not vulgar, offensive or mean spirited, but instead of debating the merits of their candidate they would sooner shy away from and silence discussion than actually have the merits of the candidate discuessed. What does this say?

  3. Rory,

    The blog entry you are commenting on is not an endorsement of Mr. Rutledge. It is/was a flyer for an event.