Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Leftist Suppression

Throughout my time in the public school system, I was constantly reminded of the Catholic Church’s responsibility for the dark ages. The most repeated example being their treatment of Galileo and his discoveries, which have since been proven indisputable. My liberal instructors would usually use this example to support their claim that religion was a suppressor of science and a controller of minds. However the ideology subscribed to by my teachers has been responsible for the exact same transgressions, and on subjects arguably more important than the Solar System or Terminal Velocity.

Climate Change:

The Climate-gate scandal has finally proven the extent of suppression used by global warming advocates. Email data reveals the most reputable proponents of climate change doctored data, destroyed documents and lied about findings to support their theory. All while intimidating, ridiculing and shunning their opponents. This theory is also the catalyst for a cap and trade bill that will cost our economy millions of jobs and our GDP a cumulative $9.4 trillion. Therefore, it is fair to say supporters of this theory are attempting to suppress more than just the scientific method.

Business Science:

Through the perversion and/or disregard of the theories of economics, the left has suppressed growth of knowledge in and understanding of business across the World. In a situation that is strikingly similar to the recession of the early 80's, the left has chosen to ignore the solutions proven by Ronald Reagan. Our leadership has instead chosen to pursue policies similar to Roosevelt’s in the 1930's and the more recently failed economy of Japan. The suppression of the lesson our nation learned just 25 years ago has already caused over 10% unemployment and could possibly lead to a second great depression.

Medical Science:

Easily accessible statistics clearly show that fewer people die of curable diseases in the United States than anywhere else in the World. The top five American hospitals conduct more clinical trials than all the hospitals in any other single developed country. However, the left only refers to our healthcare system as unfair and evil. Harry Reid went so far as to compare opponents of healthcare reform to opponents of abolition and women’s suffrage.

It is absurd to refer to a system where fewer people die as less fair than another. It is ridiculous to claim that a system that performs more trials to cure illnesses and improve care than any other is evil. The left’s healthcare agenda will not just give more control to the government. It will suppress the system that is the premier driver of medical advances and improvement of the human condition.

The Catholic Church has been embarrassed by history as Galileo’s claims were eventually found to be correct. In contrast, the left’s claims can already be proven incorrect by a brief study of history and/or facts. Anyone who analyzes the economic situation of the 1980's, the mortality rates for curable illnesses or the sources of the World’s CO2 can easily refute leftist claims. For that reason, and that their suppression affects the livelihoods and health of the entire human race, the left is far more evil than the Church they constantly condemn.

Sam Hale

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  1. I'd have to say, the concept that Galileo's censuring by certain bishops (hardly equivalent to the Catholic Church) of millions of souls is embarrassing to the whole church is something else entirely. But worse than that, it is entirely due to a hostility to the Catholic Church that is beyond doubt.

    Galileo spoke about his own reception upon publishing of his work in Rome:

    "I have been received and shown favor by many illustrious cardinals, prelates, and princes of this city."

    - Galileo Galilei, Rome 1611

    And was a member of the Accademia deiLincei, a pontifical (that means sponsored by the pope) (honorary) school of science.

    His problem was actual theological heresy, not the heliocentric theory, which was first proposed by Nicolaus Copernicus, who was a respected Catholic priest throughout his scientific career and until his death.

    The high pagan priest of global warming, or whatever the most recent liberal obsession is, really shouldn't never be compared to the legitimate theological concerns of the church.

  2. Actually, I see quite a few similarities:
    - Indulgences and carbon credits allowing the wealthy to "sin"
    - Being scorned for questioning "the faith"
    - The control of others through a system of beliefs
    - Sin consciousness
    - Idolitry