Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Right and Wrong

Brit Hume’s comments on January 3rd (Click here to see them) and the ensuing backlash provide the perfect opportunity for a discussion how the liberal approach to religion has completely blurred all sense of right and wrong in America. Liberal professors, pundits and politicians constantly make the claim that “all religions are the same,” or “no one belief is any more valid than another.” This claim is not only completely ridiculous but incredibly destructive and is discriminately enforced to discourage the free speech of the left’s opponents.

Religion is the basis for human morality while the Judeo-Christian ethic is essential to our founding and the American culture. Therefore, imposing a ban on the practical comparison of religion blurs not only what it means to be an American but also the purpose of human life. This moratorium on moral debate creates a “relative morality” where neither “right” nor “wrong” can be defined in almost any situation. This in turn disregards simple logic and makes it impossible to justify even simple decisions.

A great example of this can be seen in a common defense for the President’s failing policies. It is said that “he just needs more time,” the reason being “we just don’t know what will happen.” This is constantly coupled with the statement “he is in the same situation as Reagan, we just need to give him a chance.” The fact is we can easily “know” what will happen when a free economy is excessively taxed and regulated. It is also perfectly reasonable to make the judgment that Obama’s polices being the antithesis of Reagan’s; they will have the opposite effect. However, this defense of Obama is somewhat widely accepted by popular culture.

The argument can be made that “relative morality” is responsible for the President’s approval rating hovering at 50% for several months. A large group of Americans are simply refusing to accept that the President’s ideology is fundamentally flawed and destructive to a free economy/society. It seems when a society cannot make a moral judgment, it is also unable to make an economic one.

If all beliefs are equally valid isn’t Hume’s belief that they are not equally valid equally valid to any differing opinion? Not only is this way of thinking completely ridiculous but it seems to only be applied when a conservative is making a judgment. I could not help but notice that Hume got more crap from the left for comparing Christianity to Buddhism than terrorists receive for calling America the “great Satan.” With this in mind, the left obviously does not believe in “relative morality” as a way of life, but as a tool to silence their opposition.

Sam Hale

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